FAI Installation Overview

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  • The FAI configuration space (orange box on the left) is typically located at /var/lib/fai/config (this is live/filesystem.dir/var/lib/fai/config on the FAI Live-CD ISO or USB stick image).
  • A current FAI setup has two additional directories in the FAI configuration space:
    1. hooks/ ... let you specify functions or programs which are run at certain steps of the installation process. (FAI-Guide, 7.11. Hooks)
    2. tests/ ... using these test, you can check for errors of the installation or of the softupdate. (FAI-Guide, 5.8. Automated tests)
  • Steps 1-3 above (FAI Install Server) are performed if you execute a FAI installation from a FAI Server only. You can run an installation from a FAI Live-CD or a bootable USB stick as an alternative, then the Live system boots and FAI starts at step 4 above.

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