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This command was rename to fai-make-nfsroot!

FAI command to create the NFS root directory on a FAI installation server.

Tasks performed by this script:

  1. Create a Debian live system which can be bootstrapped (mounted and run) from a client via NFS over the network
  2. Put configuration in place: /etc/hosts (on client), ...
  3. Configures SSH for user fai (user home directory /var/log/fai) to allow non-interactive log-in on the server from an installing client and perform logging and installation clean-up activities there


  1. create_nfsroot (create_base -> call_debootstrap, copy_fai_files, setup_ssh)
  2. kernel_install (install_kernel_nfsroot -> update-initramfs)
  3. run_hooks, check_nfsroot, umount_dirs

Alternatively, at user's option, this script performs removal or updates of the kernel of an existing NFS root only.

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